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August 24th – 25th

• Friday 4:00pm – 10:00pm
• Saturday 11:00am – 8:00pm

Get ready for excitement and entertainment with the first annual Knoxville Gaming Convention. For KGC 2018 we are building a small, but flashy event in conjunction with CreepyCon 2018 to introduce next year’s exclusive gaming convention. This year, there will be around 135 vendors in total! KGC will have a touch under three dozen vendors present with multiple companies representing all the facets of gaming culture. We’ll have PC gaming, consoles, board games, retro games and more!

As an event being held alongside CreepyCon, there will be many different types of vendors to delight and amaze. You can find out more information about CreepyCon here, and to keep up with all the exciting news about the gaming convention, just follow the KGC 2018 event page on Facebook, here.

To get your tickets to the event, just click the link below and place your order. Tickets are much cheaper online, so save yourself some cash and order early. We can’t wait to see you at CreepyCon 2018 for your first taste of KGC! And be sure to follow along for the full launch of KGC’s exclusive gaming convention coming next year!