Would this new office chair make us look cool, or like a tool?

Have you ever wondered if something is cool or a good idea? This is where Rock it or Wreck it comes in. We ask you guys to weigh in on something to tell us if you think it’s cool or not. This week we are looking at those fancy racing-inspired office chairs.

Living the life of an auto writer seems like a dream. Travel the world, drive amazing cars, and then write about how awesome it all was. While that does happen, and it is absolutely amazing, most of the time we spend sitting down in an office. We have to get those words written, and we have lots of news to bring to you fine folks who read TopSpeed.com.

With that in mind, it is imperative that your office space be as nice as possible. Good lighting, proper tools like the right keyboard or some good pens, and most importantly, a good chair. When you keep your ass planted for 8-12 hours a day, that chair can make or break you. My current office chair has certainly seen some better days. Thanks to some cat attacks and poor quality materials (don’t buy cheap stuff, folks) my current office chair is basically disintegrating. So, I’ve been looking for my next keyboard throne and I found a huge market of new gaming chairs that look like racing seats.

I was excited that I could have a cool red and black racing seat for an office chair. But then I showed my wife and she instantly made a face that told me “you’d look like an idiot.” So what do you guys think? Is getting an office chair like this cool, or would I really look like a fool to sit in this for a living. A lot of these chairs are $300 or more, so I can certainly get a really nice chair for that same price in a different style.

But that’s what Rock it or Wreck it is all about. Should I go nuts and rock a chair like this, or should I get wrecked and go find something else? Hit those comments and let me know. Be sure to leave me any recommendations for chairs if you have a particular brand or something that you like.

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